family1Osteria Mazzantini celebrates Chef John Sheely’s family, the Mazzantinis.

The family left Tuscany, and arrived in Galveston, Texas in the late 1800s. Chef Sheely’s Great Grandpa Lorenzo Mazzantini journied to join his cousin, Captain Nicolini, the Italian Consul in Galveston. Lorenzo owned the Mignon Bottling Works in Galveston for almost 50 years.

Lorenzo met his wife Eliza and had two daughters Clementine and Sylvia, who were the first generation of Mazzantinis to be born in Texas.

Chef Sheely remembers suppers in Galveston, “We would arrive on Saturday and there would be fresh pasta hanging and drying all over the dining room and kitchen. On Sunday, the table was filled with home-style, family-style Italian dishes. We swapped stories, told lies and ate delicious food.”